Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lyme disease is pretty sucky. (Warning, long and rambling)

So here I am, bored at home with numb arms and legs, feet, and sometimes hands. It's been a few weeks, and I think they are starting to worry about me at work, but I keep checking in, and they keep saying, "You need to rest and take care of your health", so I'm trying to do just that.

We're at the point where Little M's memory is coming into question. Or maybe it's an attention span problem. He's just so psyched about whatever he's trying to tell me (the names and special abilities of EACH Angry Bird, for example) that he totally forgets that just 10 seconds ago I asked him to put on his shoes. I usually do the repeat tactic, "Tell me what I JUST said." But when he's into something, it's like we're carrying on two different conversations at the same time, and he can't focus on mine until he gets all of his out.

He had us fooled for a long time about needing help in the bathroom. One day I asked him what he did at school, and when he said he did it himself (!) that was the end of getting help at home. Although occasionally he'll still yell, "MOM! I need help going to the potty!" Me: "Uh, I can't help you with that part, just push slowly!" Still, it's better than it has been.

He's so excited to be going to Kindergarten in the fall. Well, like a month from now. But I don't think he's considered that he won't see his friends from preschool unless they come to the B&As (that's before and after school care at his preschool). I know he'll make new friends and be fine, but this is the first time he's having to say goodbye.

He still makes a new BFF every time we go somewhere. At Chick-fil-A on Wednesday there were brothers around his age and the younger one checked to see that we were parked on the same side of the restaurant because he wanted to hold hands on the way to the cars. I told him we were staying a few more minutes, and we'll have to do that next time. So stinkin' cute.

Little M usually finds someone to run around with and on the way home he'll ask, "Did you get my friend's phone number so we can have a playdate?" And I'LL ask, "What's your friend's name?" Him: "I don't know." Well, my psychic powers only extend to what HE does behind our backs, and even then, sometimes it can be days before I find the stash of mentos in the pillowcase. Crazy child.

I'm pretty sure he's unaware that I have at least an hour between when I get home and when I pick him up to go through his room. The other day he noticed that I moved things around when doing his laundry and asked who was in his room, so maybe he'll catch on...

He's come so far since the last time I wrote. He's reading, out loud and to himself. He dresses himself, and is actually starting to help out around the house, which REALLY is great since this Lyme disease has me WIPED OUT. I wish I had more energy to play and take him places, but I just don't. Which sucks for both of us. And since Big M is wiped out too because of medications he's taking, we're pretty lame on the family activities.

We did make it to the July 4th parade, THANK GOD it's only about 15 minutes long. But we had fun and saw some friends, so we'll call that a win. I'm on my second course of antibiotics, and I'm hoping I'll get the numbness at bay so I can actually drive more than 2 or 3 miles before my nerves conk out on my. It's very frustrating. I've been out of control of my body before, but never so unexpectedly. I knew what my weaknesses were with dermatomyositis, but Lyme has me flustered with it's feeling fine one minute, and needing to crawl into bed the next.

Here's hoping I can get it together before the big carnival in the next county, so we can both actually get there, and have some fun once we do. Sorry in advance if we can't make it this year, kiddo.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Bitch From Hell

So tonight I may not have exercised my best judgement, but how was I to know I would be running into the bride of Satan at an IHOP in a rural county of VA?

I took Little M to dinner, and we were having a pretty pleasant time, except for the slightly loud remarks we were hearing from the next table. The mother was griping and criticizing each of the four girls she had brought with her about one behavior after another, and they seemed like they were out of control, from the way she kept telling them to straighten up. Finally, I'd had enough, and here is where I probably should have turned off my desire to be AT ALL helpful in the situation, and just sat there and listened to the bitching and criticizing of those girls.

But NO, I am not that kind of person. Besides, she's a mom, I'm a mom, I thought that MAYBE if they heard what she was saying from someone else, they'd actually listen. So I turned around and mentioned to the girls that my son was watching them and copying everything they did, so could they please behave for their mom? Then I looked at the mom to see if we were on the same page, and she was just blank-faced.

I have never before felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck so much, but It was like I could feel the venom start to spew in my direction. First she started off with how rude I was, and how some people just ruin things for other people. Then I got to hear about how they were just out to have a nice time and how if "SHE" wanted to provide that kind of example for "HER" child (who, by the way, was just playing a game on my phone and was completely oblivious to everything going on), then that was just fine with them. She then complained about me to the waiter, who sent another waitress over to ask her what the problem was, she didn't give any details, just pointed at me, I said I didn't have a problem.

They offered each of us a chance to change tables, and I guess I was second guessing what I said, the fact that I said anything at all, and the whole situation, but I figured if it was so rude of me to say anything, then I deserved to pay my penance by having to listen to whatever she dished out.

The entire rest of the meal was punctuated by little jabs and remarks from her about me and my parenting. I even turned around and offered her table the ketchup bottle from ours when they had asked for it TWICE and her answer was "We'll wait. You shouldn't have been rude to us in the first place." Then she got up and went to get another (apparently uncontaminated with my rudeness) bottle.

Maybe I WAS the bitch for saying anything to her, but then, consider this:

Before I said anything, those girls were acting up, and the mother was bitching at them like there was no tomorrow.

After I said something, they were all behaving, and they had a common enemy to bitch about, ME. Nevermind that the things she was saying to a bunch of 10-year-olds were entirely inappropriate, that's on her. But I saved those girls from a meal of being the emotional punching bags for that woman. And if for no other reason than that, I'm glad I said something. Even if it WAS uncalled for, or RUDE. Those kids still had a meal without her venom, even if it ALL landed on me.

(Her waiter, by the way, was on his first day BACK, after having been gone from the restaurant for awhile, I felt SO bad for him, he was not at ALL attentive to their table, I think he was just scared of her! Plus, I explained the entire situation to the manager, who frankly thought I did the right thing, and gave us coupons for free stuff.)