Monday, December 20, 2010

Who's on First?

So I'm trying to take an example from my childhood, where my grandmother used to make us say, "Please, beautiful Gramma?" whenever we wanted a cookie, and put it into practice with my 2-year-old.

But the conversations to remind him to say "Please, beautiful Mommy" instead of just "Please" go more like this:

Him:   "Milk! Milk!  Milk!"
Me:   "What do you say?"
Him:   "Please?"
Me:   "Please what?"
Him:   "Please what."
Me:  "No, Please beautiful...."
Him:  "Beautiful mommy, beautiful Mommy, BEAUTIFUL MOMMY!!!!!"
Me:  "OK!  Uh, what did you want?"

It's just like Abbott and Costello live right in my house.  Only I'm, wait, which one is the fat one?  Hey, I shouldn't be so hard on myself, I have lost 20 pounds since we saw the fertility docs again.  So I'm doing good.'s slow going, but he's sort of getting it.  And I don't care what anyone says, it's completely adorable, and if I'm not getting that kind of support from Matt, I should at least be getting it from my boy.

Such a sweetie.