Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Potty Training, At Last!

I was beginning to think we were the last ones getting on board with the potty training, and I did figure out that the diaper aisle eventually does run out of sizes, so we would have to do this eventually...someday...when he was ready...

That day has come!  OK, I really have no idea if that day has really come, but he's getting interested, and I'm definitely interested, so we took steps to start.

Day 1
Went to Walmart and bought big-boy underwear!  We have three pairs of Thomas the Train and 5 pairs like Daddy's (different colors).  I tell him what they are and why we are buying them and make a big deal of it, letting him hold them until he got tired of it.

5:30pm:  After the big poopy diaper of the evening, I put him in the big-boy underwear for the last hour of being up (so from 5:30 to 6:30).  I make a big deal of it.  I then ask him about every five minutes if he needs to go potty, or needs to pee-pee.  Always got a no answer.

6:30pm:   We go upstairs to do bath time, etc.  After asking him one more time if he needed to go potty, I let him help undress himself, then put all his clothes, including the underwear, into the dirty clothes hamper.  My now naked child runs around a bit, I ask him if he needs to pee-pee.  No.  I go into the bathroom and start running the water, he comes to the edge of the bathroom door and pees on the floor between the carpeted hallway and the bathmat.  I do have to admire the aim, it's only really about an 8 inch gap, but I make him clean it up anyway.

After I make him throw the toilet paper full of pee into the toilet and flush, he's into the bath and we're done with potty training for today.  We'll try again tomorrow.  *sigh*