Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Potty Training, For Real, This Time

OK, We have really started doing Potty Training Boot Camp, and you can too, right here.

Day 1, Hour 0
Salty snacks are available, milk and caffeine-free soda are ready, and 10 pairs of Sesame Street underwear are downstairs and ready for duty.

Hour 1
Subject appears rested, but woke crying, this does not bode well for the coming day.

I explained the plan for the day, Subject appears to be interested in the prospect of getting to watch Dinosaur Train, but not so much in the requirement to be seated on the potty while doing so.  Will have to work on the association.

Hour 2
Subject had his first accident, the carpet in the family room took the hit.  Subject "cleaned up" the mess, the carpet is still soaking wet.  Subject cried and screamed through Potty Drills.

Hour 3
Subject was able to make it through several 10 minute intervals with dry underwear, but after many long intervals of sitting on the potty with no results, then getting up and immediately having an accident, I decided to call for reinforcements.  E&O's Mom assures me this is normal, and is about control.  I proceeded to try to catch Subject after one such event, and put him on the potty, where we got our very first success of Peeing on the Potty.

Blessed Naptime

Hour 4 through bedtime.
Subject spent the rest of the day staying dry enough to get some sugary rewards, while also having two more accidents, and two more successes.  Final data collection:

8 pairs of underwear
5 accidents
3 successes in the potty (one needing some direction...)
3 Potty Drills
1 sleeping toddler
1 exhausted mom
1 more day to do it all again to make sure we really have the concept down and he'll do it himself!

Oh, I forgot to add that I did use the bath as an incentive to get ONE more pee-pee in the potty out of him, since he was prone to going in the bath just as the water was draining out, and although he did not think I was serious until the bathwater was draining out and he still had not been allowed in the tub, he finally did sit down on his own and go in the potty upstairs.  Yay me, for sticking to my guns!

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