Saturday, July 30, 2011

Toddlers are weird #15

I will never be able to figure my child out.

Tonight we met up with friends at a carnival run by a fire department in the next county while Daddy played board games with some friends. We tried to get Little M to ride a horse on the merry-go-round, but ended up standing next to the horse and petting it while trying not to be dragged down by the horse next to me. Later we tried to have Little M ride the cars that went in a circle, but one weepy circle later, he was back in my arms.

The bouncy house went over well, since we've done that before, and he loves to bounce! And he was lukewarm about the giant slide. It was very stop-start since it was kind of hot and humid, so it wasn't like we raced down the hill.

I could not get him to go in the fun house that was just for kids, even when 'Miss Debbie' offered to walk through it with him. And the fun house that Mommy could go in was only about 5 feet more successful.

So you could say I was surprised when he said he wanted to go on the Dragon Roller Coaster. It's the kid-sized coaster, but this carnival let parents ride with very little ones, so I sat sideways in the car next to Little M in the seat behind his friend, Princess C, and her dad. After Little M tried to get me to move my foot and knee, I told him that they were going to stay there or Mommy was not going to be able to ride, and that calmed him right down. With him buckled in and basicalled pinned by me to the seat back, we were off! Round and round and up and down we went, jerked around the curves in ways my chiropractor can hopefully fix on Monday. But Little M was thrilled! He was laughing and smiling, giggling and chatting and just having a ball! In fact, we went on it FOUR more times!

Still won't go on the merry-go-round horses, but give him Mommy and a Dragon, and he is good to go.

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