Friday, August 21, 2009

The Crawlin' Man

Boy, is Little M ever tireless when it comes to mobility! Now that he's up and about on hands and knees, he cannot get enough of chasing around the cats, or playing with Mommy.

My favorite game is to call out "Where's Little M?" from around a corner, and he'll crawl over to find me. I especially like it that he doesn't just come to where he can see me, but to where I can see him, too. That way I can get him to come all the way back into a room, and sometimes I can even convince him to take a break and play with the toys there!

The crawling phase was one I expected to just be exhausting for me, knowing I'd have to be going everywhere he goes, and carrying extra weight with me. But it has turned out to be a great blessing in disguise. I have been forced to be active with Little M EVERY DAY! My back hasn't felt better since before I was in the car accident where it got hurt. I'm able to talk Little M for walks in his stroller (now I just have to build up my stamina!), and I can carry him around better too.

We've been battling various illnesses (it's a virus! No, it's a bacteria! No, it's a virus! But we don't know which one!) for the last month, and it's made us miss our Mommy and Baby Friends a lot. Next week is another Mommies Group, and we're hopeing we'll be able to make it this time, since we only have a few left before we graduate from the group (at age 1 year).

Now we have a bunch of stuff to work on, drinking from a cup (sippy or not, we'll see), eating table food with hands, walking. So we'll be pretty busy for a few months. But I'll still keep you posted here, you never know what he'll crawl into next!

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