Thursday, August 12, 2010


So we weren't planning on going to the park, I had just started a load of laundry with ALL my shorts in it, and was in pajama pants, but after hearing "outside" several hundred times, I was convinced we needed to go.

I found some yoga pants in the laundry room and we headed for the park closest to the house where Ms A said she and Big E would be there with Baby O. No sign of them when we got there so I texted her. By the time she replied the Militant Mommies were on their march through the park. Why anyone would pay someone $15 to be able to go to a free park and exercise with other mommies just so they can do the same exercises at the same time is beyond me.

So we get word that Ms A has taken the kiddies to the park on the other side of town. Uh-oh. Meltdown as I put LittleM BACK in the car to go across town. But once we get there all is right with the world.

As we're exploring the park LittleM seems to be getting more interested in the other kids playing on the playground equipment, which is a definite first. He usually starts walking/running and just goes nonstop till he's bright red.

And he asked to go on the swings, which he's never done before. It didn't last long, I got the all done sign before a minute was up, but we're communicating, so I'll take it.

Another first was that LittleM wanted to put his hat back on after he'd taken it off. He usually ditches it and I carry it around. We've tried telling him he has to wear it or we'll be leaving, and that usually involves a tantrum, so we pick our battles.

My favorite thing that happened at the park, though, was when we were walking back to Ms A, and LittleM looks up at me, puts his hand out and says, "Hand?". He's NEVER asked to hold my hand before! I reached for his hand and we walked. Just a few steps before he was over holding my hand, but it was really nice while it lasted.

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