Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sitting on his own now!

Little M was just run ragged today!

We went to my physical therapy appointment and he was really patient while V worked on my knee, but when she got to my lower back he decided that was enough attention for Mommy, it was his turn again! So we ended up with me getting ice on my knee and back while I was sitting up in a chair breastfeeding him. I have to thank my therapist, V, and the tech T for helping me get set up like that, and for not charging me for the time I spent breastfeeding, even though we were still tying up one of their rooms. You guys are so sweet. And a special thanks to P, for the warm greeting Little M and I always get when we come, you all rock! ( I didn't forget you, C (you'll become a convert to the baby loving masses eventually) and E, I just didn't see you in therapy today.

Then we went to the noon service at our church. Little M was awake and really squirmy all service until I let him sit, (yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen, he's sitting!) on the pew beside me and play with his toys. He also had a lot to say during the service, and picked an especially appropriate time, during the prayers of the people, to be nice and loud, so it sounded like he was making his own prayer request. Go Little M!

When we got home, we had a nice surprise, Daddy was already there because he got home early! So Little M got to play with Daddy, who promptly handed him off when it was poopy diaper time. I'd have to say Big M has been avoiding diaper duty in such a sneaky fashion these days that I just noticed NOW that his tally is probably in the single digits for the past few weeks. Bravo, honey, for getting that by me.

So we then all piled in the car for a trip to Big M's foot doctor, who gave him another shot, told him to suck it up and walk on the foot, and to get weight lifting gloves to avoid getting caluses from the crutches. And we have to see him again next week. So then it was off to Walmart to get the gloves.

I'm proud to say we left Walmart with ONLY the item we went in there for, that has to be a first for this family! OK, we did get some cash back at the register, but that doesn't count!

Now we're home and Little M is watching the "Your Baby Can Read" videos. No he can't quite read yet, but he's starting to recognize some words, and some sign language, so he's definitely picking things up.

I feel bad for the kitties, they're SOOOO not getting the attention they were before Little M, and Little A even got locked in the coat closet from 9am to 2pm today. That's what she gets for exploring where she isn't supposed to be, but I really should have done a kitty count before I left for all the morning excitement. Big A and Great Big N were fine, but they're not as adventurous as Little A.

We had so much fun yesterday at the Mommies group, all the babies are growing so much! We can't wait to go again!

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