Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Complete Sentence!!!

Well, Little M finally learned the word "No", and it wasn't the terrible, horrible, awful thing I'd thought it would be. When he does say it, it's usually in response to a question, and at least he now has another option to, "Nkay". So he gets to actually express an opinion and have choices. All good things for a toddler.

This evening, after we'd done bath time and read the bedtime story, we moved on to the question and answer portion of the evening.

"Do you want some milk?" - does he want to nurse before bed.
"OK, do you want to go to sleep?" - done with the sign for sleep.
"OK, then do you want some milk?"
"Nkay". - he has figured out that those are the options, milk or bed. He has always chosen milk so far.

So I start nursing him, and we do some things that I only really do at bedtime, like "This little piggy went to market." Probably not the best for calming him down, since I get to tickle him a the end, but he enjoys it, and I do too.

We also practice all of the signs he knows. So far the list includes: all done, more, go to sleep, please, thank you, cookie, milk, and a few other random ones. I asked him to do "all done", then "more". Then I asked him to do "cookie", and after he did cookie it looked like he was doing the sign for "milk" with one of his hands, so I said, "Oh, you're doing milk, I see that, good job."

He breaks the seal and stops nursing to say to me, "No, it's cookie."

I laughed for a good 5 minutes! It was so completely adorable, my little comedian. And of course, since I was laughing he was laughing, so I had to calm down before we could go back to nursing. How sweet that his first sentence was correcting Mommy on what sign he was practicing.

I look forward to all the other funny and insightful things he'll say.

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