Friday, March 26, 2010

Bath Routine is evolving...

So the bath routine that used to consist of me holding a little tiny guy on a whale shaped sponge has changed to the big boy bath tub where Little M stands outside the tub naked and puts in all the toys, one at a time, that he wants in the tub.

Then he plays with the toys and the water coming out of the spout until he's had his hair shampooed and Mommy turns the water off. Then he plays some more, and when Mommy gets the all done sign, she starts draining the water and Little M has that to play with.

He then takes out each of the toys, one at a time, until he's left alone in the tub, then he decides whether he wants to get out or not, and if he does, he lets Mommy pick him up wrapped in a towel and we go to the bedroom for the after bath routine. If he doesn't, he still gets picked up, he just does it LOUDLY.

The bedtime routine consists now of distract, distract, distract, while Mommy diapers, combs hair, and gets pajamas on. Then he gets to decide what books he wants to read and whether he wants to nurse before bed. Then he goes in bed, with his 4 toys. I adjust the humidifier and go back for one last kiss, then it's out of the room and I listen for him to drop off to sleep.

Except for the occasional middle of the night feeding, nighttime has been very peaceful lately. He's a wonderful baby, and getting to be a wonderful little boy.

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