Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baby Tag (or How to Exhaust Your Crawler)

So the most fun I had all yesterday was when Little M decided his new game was to try to get away from me (crawling) as fast as he could so as not to be caught by the foot and dragged back into the room. And he does it. Every time now.

So I gave in to the game and started chasing him around the house. If he was getting too close to an area he's not allowed to go in I would pass him and stand in front of it. He was crawling with such determination and speed that he'd have his head down and arms and legs just a-pumping as fast as they can. But about two feet from me he'd see my feet and squeal/giggle to a stop, then execute a three-quarter turn, and off he'd go in another direction.

He's decided to play after his bath as well, once I get him wrapped in the towel and turn to empty the water out of the baby bathtub he rolls over and starts crawling out the bathroom away from Mommy. I always lock the gate at the top of the stairs just in case, but he's never gotten past his bedroom door. And how adorable is a little naked baby crawling away from you with a towel (flaring out behind him like a cape) stuck on his head. I just about laughed myself silly. And the squealing laughter when I pick him up is just priceless.

I found today when we were playing tag that if I got close enough behind him to touch his feet as he was crawling it would spur him on to crawl faster, so I used that to get him going when it looked like he was running out of gas. That child was so tired today that he went to bed at 6:30pm. And that was after climbing the stairs (which he took in two sections, stopping to play at the window on the landing).

He really has a lot of fun with this game, and so does Mommy.

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