Monday, September 7, 2009

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa

On Saturday Big M's parents came to visit us. They were so thrilled to get to spend time with Little M, and we were too, it's been awhile.

Poor Little M was still a bit tired, he didn't really want to go down for a nap before they got here, so when Big M tried to do the handoff to Grandpa, Little M wasn't quite up to it yet, and he cried.

But he's since recovered, and gives the big smiles to both Grandma and Grandpa, and there have been so many pictures taken of Little M that I'm surprised he can still see for the flash going off so often.

Little M has just changed so much from the last time they saw him, in May at his cousins' baptism. He wasn't yet crawling, he wasn't yet babbling, and he still looked so much more like a baby. Now he's got the look of a little boy, and it's just so different.

I still want to stop time and freeze the moments (and I haven't yet heard from any of you on how the progress is going on that!) but I also feel so proud of my little guy for each new thing he learns, and so excited for him about all the other new things he's going to learn.

And I'm wishing that all Little M's Grandparents lived closer to us so they could see him more often. Little M has three cousins in PA and a brand new cousin coming in February, and I wish they were all closer too so they could all be playmates and grow up together.

When I was little we'd go to Florida to see all the relatives at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We loved seeing our cousins, since we were all around the same age. We'd play and laugh, and just have a great time. I know Little M will have that too, and I'm so glad. Family is important, and I'm glad ours is growing.

Grandma and Grandpa will be leaving us in the morning, and I know that Little M will miss them, just like Big M and I will. But we'll all be together in a few weeks celebrating Little M's first birthday. So we'll be looking forward to that (and not really believing it's time for that already!)

Love to all the babies out there!

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