Sunday, September 13, 2009

My child, the beaver

How can FOUR teeth chew up SO MUCH STUFF?????

Little M has his two top front teeth, and his two bottom front teeth, and boy is he using them! So far I've had to put up gummy rails on the front and sides of his crib (the back is tall enough that he can't reach it...yet).

And he's been chewing on the remote control, which is covered in a rubber sleeve, but that's apparently coming off because of all the chewing. Which means, much to his dismay, that the remote is no longer a Little M toy. There will be much crying, and even though I'll try distraction, I'm pretty sure no other toy will measure up.

And we're not moving on to the cell phone, so he can get over that idea at the same time.

There are marks on the plastic toys from Tupperware, and his highchair tray table, which means those have to be scrubbed especially hard when washing because things can hide in the no-longer-smooth surfaces. And the pacifiers will have to be scrutinized more when washing because they're really meant for sucking, not chewing. So some of them may be retired before their time.

But Little M has been using his teeth for chewing actual food, so that's some progress. He's been pinching and eating the puffs, which means he's mastered the pincer grasp and he can aim for and hit his mouth. So table food (and a better use for the teeth) is not far off.

I knew I couldn't keep him little forever, it just seems like it's still coming way too fast...

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