Saturday, September 26, 2009

NoVa Traffic

OK, maybe I have been a bit of a homebody since Little M was born. And maybe I have been staying close to home lately, and just going somewhere in town when we do venture out. But I grew up outside of DC, learned to drive there, and even went to graduate school IN DC, so I know from crazy drivers.

The ones on I-66 West on Friday night were way beyond crazy! I thought I was lucky that all the traffic on my way in to Fairfax was on the Westbound side of 66, so going East was pretty clear, and the traffic was moving and a nice pace.

On the way home, however, it was a VERY different story. A song from the 80s comes to mind..."The Freaks Come Out at Night". I was using my cruise control, travelling along at about 5 miles over the speed limit in the RIGHT lane, and three different cars took issue with my speed.

The first one came up on me really fast, then switched to the left lane, then cut back into my lane with just inches to spare between my bumper and his. Then another did the same thing! There were NO OTHER CARS on the road. What's the deal? The last one came up behind me in the left lane, and did the cut into my lane thing, but by that time I was a little less terrified that I was going to be in an accident. I just turned off the cruise control so I could then take my foot off the gas when he came around.

I think this is such a shock to me because in our town the traffic is slower, more courteous, and generally safer. We're just not in as much of a hurry here. And I think it's made me relax a little, and taken the anxiety out of driving. The trip on the highway Friday night put it all back. What's happened to me? I used to be driving in crazy traffic like that with crazy people like that all the time?!?! Heck, I used to be one of the crazy drivers, knowing my own skill level will keep me from getting in any trouble, and I'd make record time getting where I wanted to go.

But most times when I drive today, I have precious cargo with me, and there is no reason to take even the slightest risk with my precious son in the car. And now that I'm a Mom, I have him counting on me to provide him with milk, and comfort, and love, and kisses, and hugs. So even when he's not with me, I'm still a necessary part of his life, so I have to be careful with me too.

So, crazy drivers out there, I hope I don't encounter you anymore, but since I probably will, please don't try out your Jeff Gordon moves on my car, I'll gladly stay in the right lane with my cruise control set between the speed limit and 5 over. Hopefully out of your way. I have a child entrusted to me and his daddy to raise, and it's my first priority to be around for my kid.

Love to the parents out there!

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