Saturday, October 10, 2009

Distract, distract, distract!

That is the key these days to getting ANYTHING done where Little M is concerned. Whether it's dressing, changing, bathing, or feeding, he wants to be doing anything else at that time.

So for dressing and changing it's the tube of aquaphor (which is still between the wall and the changing table for those of you who ready my last entry).

For bathing it's a cup with holes in it. I use the cup to get his hair wet, then give it to him and he tries to drink out of it. But the bathwater drains out the holes, so really he's just chewing on it.

For feeding I've discovered that if I just put a little food on the high chair tray, he puts his hand in that and swirls it around a bit, while I put the spoon up to his face and shovel it in. Probably not the best way to teach my child to eat, but while he's sick (and has been coughing to the point of vomiting up most of his meal) I'm doing it.

He still takes "No" pretty hard, no matter how gently you say it. But if he bursts into tears for something like not being allowed to chew on a cardboard box, that's just the sign of a tired baby, so off we go for a nap.

And if all else fails with the crying, sometimes tickling works. Anything to get that happy baby laugh back! Ahh, happy times.

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