Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cold Case # 2

That's Little M's second case of a cold. Or allergy. Or something else that is not responding to anything we've thrown at it.

Anyway...we noticed that Little M was drippy and sneezing last Thursday, so we went in on Friday to see Little M's regular doctor. He said it was probably allergies and to go with the children's Benadryl (I know, it says it's not supposed to be used by children under 2 years, but I made sure he knew that and gave me a lower dose to give Little M). NO CHANGE.

By Sunday, it was coughing and head shaking and ear pulling which is all new for him and went along nicely with the other symptoms that were STILL AROUND. So we got a prescription for a stronger antihistamine, antitussive, and decongestant, and started giving that to Little M. NO CHANGE.

From Sunday night till now, we've added on coughing so hard at night that he VOMITS ALL OVER THE CRIB. So I've been changing the sheets at least once a day. At least I was semi-smart about making his bed in the first place. I put at least 7 sheets on the mattress every time I remake the bed so that if something happens to the first one, I just peel it off and the next one is ready.

So I called the Pediatrician back today and they gave us samples of Singulair, a new version for children that is chewable. So Little M gets 1/2 pill per day, and it gets mashed and put in his fruit. So far I'm still hearing coughing. And he's been in bed for two hours. YIKES!

Anyone care to try to solve this Cold Case???????

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