Friday, October 16, 2009

Fear of abandonment issues?

For some reason, lately when Big M's parents come to visit, Little M has been very clingy and cries when they try to hold him.

When they came for Labor Day weekend, Grandma could hold Little M just fine, but when she tried to hand him off to Grandpa, Little M just broke out the crocodile tears and was bawling!

Same thing this visit when I tried to hand him off to Grandma! I am wondering if he thinks we're going to give him to them and leave? I usually do turn around to go do something else (while my hands are actually free!), so maybe not having mommy in sight is what makes him scared.

Poor little guy. It was a little before his nap, so I think he was already a little tired, but he's been quite the champ today. And tomorrow will be more people, more babies, and cake! So hopefully he won't melt down at his own birthday party.

We can't wait to see the whole family for the party!

Love to all the mommies and daddies whose babies are turning 1!

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  1. hi Kassie,
    I would not worry about it. Gabriela does the same thing with her grandparents and with some of my friends. She starts to whine and reaches out for me to take her back. What Sarah told me was to get the family memeber etc not to grab the baby right away and look them straight in the eye. Just kind of play with them a little bit while they are in your arms and then once they see they are ok and feel comforatable then they start to smile etc.. It works for Gabriela most of the time but getting the grandparents to do that is not easy.. Haha But like I said Gabriela did that with her grandmother the other day who a few weeks ago when she saw her did not so I think like you said it can be just the mood they are in as well..