Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where is all the fun stuff for kids?

So now that LittleM is of the walking persuasion, I need to find places where I can take a 16 month old where he can see fun stuff, and try new things, without scaring the crap out of him so that he never wants to leave Mommy's side! Which is sort of where we are now.

I keep trying to take him places, like the Roll and Stroll in Bealeton, but it was cancelled. And we went to the park at the beginning of the week, but our nap schedule got off, and then it started to rain. So I'm thinking the next sunny day we might just venture into someplace where there's a farm that will give kids tours, so he can at least see the animals that are on all his videos. It's the least I can do to further his education before I have to hand him over to the daycare people who will fill his head with who knows what? I'm just kidding, I'm sure he'll be fine and learn plenty of new and valuable stuff.

But when MY mother, who's a teacher, says that I should be thinking about private school for LittleM, then I start to worry about the public schools around here! And then we're right back to WHEN DO I GET TO START WORK??????? Stupid red tape!

I just want to go back and get started with this next part of my life! Being in limbo is very frustrating, I can tell why the Catholics hate it so much as part of the whole afterlife thing.

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