Sunday, September 18, 2011

Road Trip

First hour into a three hour road trip and we've got the iPod shuffle on, listening to the set of 10 copies of "Life is a Highway" per toddler request until he goes to sleep.

Me: OK, these cars need to get with the program. This is "Kassie's Lane". When I come up on you at speed, that means you are going too slow. GET OUT OF MY WAY. Thank you.

My loving hubby: Obviously they did not get the memo.

Me: Well, that's no excuse.

Him: So is Kassie's Lane a moving hundred yard area or does it just stretch out in front of you ad infinitum?

Me: Stretches out. And if I wanted to I could just flick them out of my lane like this (*mimes flicking bugs off windshield*), but I choose not to use my powers for evil.

Him: I see.

Sometime later...

Me: Oooh, a yard sale at that elementary school! Let's stop!

Him: Uh, no.

Me: Why not?

Him: Because no, and it's not till next weekend anyway.

Me: But that car is going now.

Him: Not unless they want to get a REALLY good parking place. Because it doesn't start until NEXT Saturday.

And later still...

Me: Oh. My. God. Get your camera out!!!!!

Him: Why?

Me: Because there's a GIANT METAL CHICKEN over there! Take a picture as we go past!

Him: No.

Me: OK, then I will just have to come back and buy it.

Him: Uh, no you won't.

Me: Um, yeah, I will. I can put it in the backyard. It will be fantastic.

Him: Not with our HOA.

Me: They can't tell us what to put in our BACK yard.

Him: I don't want to start anything with the neighbors. Please do not buy a chicken.

Me: But it's full of whimsy!

Him: They start fights with people. Over leaves!

Me: Fine, then I'm buying new bath towels.

Him: What?

Me: Exactly.

See why I love him so? You rock, honey.

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