Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trick Questions???

First of all, as we were getting out of the bathtub tonight I checked on Little M's forehead, which he bumped against the soapdish earlier when we were getting our first bath of the day to wash out the vomit of the second throwing up of the day (it was a rough morning, and by the way, I love how they conveniently place those at the forehead level of toddlers). He's fine, a little bruise, but it brought the episode to his attention and as I'm carrying him to the bedroom he says in a sad voice, "Poor little boy. Poor little boy Matthew." And I can't stop myself from giggling. He's just so overly dramatic! It was cute. Maybe you had to be there. Maybe I am a terrible person. Anyway...

We're reading The Runaway Bunny, like we do every night, with questions about the pictures and counting and colors, etc. And Little M decides he's going to test me, too! Fun! So we get to the end of my questions and have this conversation:

Him: What color are the red flowers?

Me: Um, Red? Is this a trick question? What color are the blue flowers?

Him: Blue.

Me: And what color are the yellow flowers?

Him: Red.

Me: What color are the YELLOW flowers?

Him: Yellow.

Me: Good job. Next page.

Silly boy! But I did learn today that if I tell him that he'll get a cookie later for eating all of something else, and then eat all the cookies I've brought over with me, he notices. ("Hey! Where's my orange cookie!" "I'll get you another one when you've finished your dinner.") So I'd better make sure it's not the very LAST cookie! Cause he's pretty observant these days...except for the trick questions...we'll have to work on those.

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