Saturday, June 20, 2009

Breastfeeding vs. Bottlefeeding the debate rages on...

Here's a little background on the Breastfeeding VS Bottle feeding for those of you not familiar:

When looking into options for feeding a baby (especially before solid foods are introduced) you can feed the baby formula (which will always be by bottle, since breasts do not make formula), or you can feed the baby breast milk (which can be either by breastfeeding or by pumping and using bottles). When someone says they are exclusively breastfeeding, that can mean they are feeding the baby ONLY breast milk, or it can mean they are feeding the baby only breast milk and it only comes straight from the breast. (I always want to say straight from the cow, but that's just a flashback to girl scout camp from LONG ago)

So we have been exclusively breastfeeding (straight from the cow, if you will) for many months now, and ran into a little snag. Since the mastitis hasn't gotten any better, my doctor put me on an antibiotic (for what he thinks is a bacterial infection) and wanted me to pump and give Little M the bottle.

Getting Little M to take a bottle is just a monumental task, and neither I nor Big M are up to it, so I'm just hoping that the antibiotic will kick in and make feeding Little M less painful than it has been. So I'll freely admit that I'm too lazy to pump and store and wash bottles and sterilize everything, but mostly it's that I'm too lazy to fight with my child when I know that if I just pop the boob in his mouth, he'll stop crying about it!

So yes, I'm coddling my child, but I don't feel badly about it, it was for the purpose of letting me heal, and if the antibiotic is making that happen (and I think it is) then I think it's not going to cause my son to start robbing banks or other criminal tendencies.

So we put away the pump, and just make sure the breasts are in the vicinity of the baby when he wants to eat, and we're good to go. Hopefully we'll both be cured of any problems before too long and this will all be a bad memory.

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