Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Long-Term Visitor

OK, we have a visitor coming on July 10th. It's my husband's sister's husband's sister's daughter. We'll call her Dee. Dee is about 20, I want to say, and going to college. On her summer break this year she'll be interning for a small newspaper in the southern part of the large metropolitan area to our east. Her internship will be about 43 miles away from us.

We're happy to have her, I'm really looking forward to having her, actually, because if nothing else it'll force us to keep the house clean for the six weeks she'll be here. And we also have to do some moving and cleaning that we just hadn't gotten to in a LONG time.

But I'm not sure there's a lot for a 20 year old to do here in slightly more populated small town America. But if she wants to go hang out with any friends she makes, that's fine, but we need to set up some ground rule beforehand so she doesn't feel like she can't do anything, and we don't feel like we should be reporting things back to her mother. Maybe I'll see if some of the older kids in the neighborhood will be around to keep her out of trouble.

I think Little M will love having another female to flirt with all the time. I think he gets tired on only Mommy. The cats will just adore her. A human that isn't ALL ABOUT THE BABY ALL THE TIME! They'll be so happy they won't know what to do!

Oh well, I hope Dee has a great trip here and really enjoyes her stay.

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