Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Day in the Life of FormerGeekGirl and Little M

Another mommy asked what a typical day was like for some of us with older babies (Little M will be 8 months next week), so I decided to post that here:

7am: Little M usually wants to have his early morning breastfeeding at this point. I usually have him either go back to sleep for an hour, or he just plays in his crib.

8-8:30am: We get up, get Little M dressed and wander downstairs for breakfast, usually some cereal and fruit for him. Then playtime or "Your Baby Can Read" video for 30 minutes of getting things done around the house. Sometimes he naps, sometimes he doesn't.

11am: Second breakfast (or pre-lunch) breastfeeding. More playing or we run errands and he flirts with anyone who catches his eye.

1:30pm: Lunch, these days it's 1/3 jar of meat, and 1/3 each of two vegetables. He has also been taking another 1/2 container of fruit, so we're switching to the 2nd Foods since they have more in a package.

3-3:30pm: Second lunch (or pre-dinner) breastfeeding. Since Big M gets home just before lunch, he gets to play with Daddy some of the time between lunch and bedtime, which lets Mommy get some more things done around the house.

5pm: Dinner, pretty much the same as lunch.

5:30- 6pm: If he hasn't already watched YBCR, we do that, otherwise I try to keep him entertained until I see the eye-rubbing, which means yawning is not far behind so I hustle him upstairs for the bath.

Bathtime: Bathtime is the one ritual that doesn't change on the schedule, we always try to be home in time to do this.

  • First I put him in his crib with the special Pooh toy that he only gets before the bath. Then I go run the bath. When I come back in to get him I put him on the changing table to take off his clothes, and which point he starts to get really worked up because he knows that I'm going to tickle him until he squeals.
  • Once he's all excited, I give him a bath, then wrap him up in the towel and back to the changing table. I put on the diaper, get the water out of his ears with the baby Q-tip, put some Aquaphor on his cheeks and nose (and anything else that feels dry), brush his hair, and give him a massage with baby oil or lotion (For some reason this always makes me think of The Adams Family, where Wednesday and Pugsley are trying to sell lemonade and the Girl Scout asks if it's made with real lemons, then tries to make them buy a box of her cookies. Wednesday asks, "Are they made from real Girls Scouts?", so I always tell Little M that the baby oil is made from real babies. I know, it's silly, but I laugh every night.)
  • Then it's pajama time (usually a sleep sac). I take him to the glider for the last feeding before bed, and he usually falls asleep feeding, but some nights I just leave him playing quietly in the crib and he's out by around 7pm.

7pm - 7am: Little M actually slept this whole time for the first time EVER last night. I was in heaven (see the last entry for how this was accomplished!) But before then I was just listening to the baby monitor and getting up with him whenever I heard the "I'm really serious!" cry. Sometimes every two or three hours, during a growth spurt every hour. But tonight we're into hour three already and I'm hoping for a repeat performance of the 12 hours.

That's a typical day, if we have things to do or places to be we take baby food with us. The only day that really throws a monkey wrench into the schedule is Sunday, when church is from 10:15am to 12pm. We may end up going to the earlier service, but we'll see.

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