Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Food Trials

We've finally moved up from the Stage 1 foods to the Stage 2 foods of the Gerber line. I was buying mostly from their Organic foods, but I may stop doing that, they're twice as much, and I'm not convinced that they are twice as good for him.

Stage 2 offers a slightly coarser texture (so closer to real versions of the foods, but a difference not necessarily discernable to the human eye) and a lot more variety. We had bananas in Stage 1. We had pears in Stage 1. Stage 2 has Bananas with Pears and Oranges! Very exciting. I can hardly contain myself.

What this means to me, as a mom, is that I'm still not done with the Food Testing Trials. So for every new exciting Fruit Medley thing, I have to see if more than one of the ingredients is new to Little M, and if so, I have to find ANOTHER fruit dish that contains only ONE new ingredient and test the ingredients of the fruit medley one by one making sure I don't hit one that causes an allergic reaction in Little M. By the time I finally get to offer him the Fruit Medley, he'll probably be so sick of all of the fruits it contains. I know I would be.

But it's a necessary evil so as to not cause him tummy distress, or to cause mommy and daddy to be running to the emergency room one night when we accidentally gave him that Banana Grape Plum dessert that had TWO new fruits in it and one of them makes him cough funny!

So to try to keep track, and make light of the situation a little, I did come up with a list of all the fruits we have tried, or that we actually have in the house after my big fruit-buying trip to Giant today, and as we try the new fruits they'll go on the acceptable list and we can be ever so slightly more adventurous the next meal.

This is one of those things that my child will never appreciate that I did for him, until he has a child of his own. That's OK, though, because I still get to go in his room at night and watch him sleep, and that's been more than enough reward for me for any of the things I do for him.

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