Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crawling Champ

OK, so yesterday was the day Little M started really crawling! More than just two little steps at a time-crawling. We have to follow him around to pick up dust bunnies before they go in his mouth-crawling. And best of all-tires himself out-crawling!

The cats are pretty funny now that he's mobile. Princess A will let him get the closest, she knows she can get away at the last second. But Big N is pretty trusting himself. I tried distracting him so Little M could get closer, but he's onto me. Stripey A won't let Little M get within three feet of him, but that's probably for the best, he would definitely lose to the bathroom rug in a battle of wits, so he has no chance against my brilliant baby.

And he's fast. I was holding the remote sitting on the loveseat and Little M was about a foot in front of me sitting playing with a toy. I no sooner look at the TV at the next thing I feel it a little pull on the remote. Little M is on his knees in front of me trying to get the remote out of my hand! So cute.

He's just catching some Zs now, all tuckered out from an evening of exploring on hands and knees. Tommorow is another day, and another round of kitty chasing and dust bunny finding. Love to the mommies!

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