Thursday, July 16, 2009

Little M's First Trophy

So tonight Little M got to stay up past his bedtime (OK, Mommy sort of forced him to stay up because we weren't at home by bedtime). We were at the local fair, where little M was entered in the cutest baby pageant.

He was a trooper, standing in front of the judges like he's done this before (and then having fun stomping down the plastic tablecloth that the wind kept picking up.

I have no idea what kind of look he had on his face, because we didn't know that to elicit the best baby responses, you have to have crazy people behind the judges whooping and hollering at your child.

I did get compliments on Little M's outfit, which Big M affectionately calls a "man-dress". Technically, I believe it's called a romper, but it's really just a sleeveless shorts onesie thing. It did have smocking on it, but there were turtles on the smocking, and it was blue and green, so it was for a boy. But Big M still didn't not buy that it wasn't a man-dress. At least I didn't make him wear the matching hat!

So we waited for the judging to finish, and we all went up for the awards, and first they did the third place, then second, then finally, the actually trophy winners, and Little M won first place in the Wee Baby Boy category!

And I don't think that the fact that there were no other contestants in our group takes anything away from the win. We still got to stand there and get our picture taken with last year's Pre-Teen Miss winner and the trophy and sash (which Little M promptly pre-moistened). And as soon as I got the trophy near him (and right before the picture), he reached out and grabbed the top and put it right in his mouth.

According to our niece, Little M was biting the butt of the little baby on top of the trophy right as the picture was being snapped. I have got to get a copy of that picture for the girlfriend blackmail album...

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  1. YEAH for Mattie!! So sorry we were not able to be there.. Gabriela has had one crazy week!! We were there in spirit though!!! CONGRATS cute Mattie!! HUGS