Monday, July 6, 2009

Diapering Olympics

It took a VERY long time to get Little M to bed tonight. I did EVERYTHING to try to get him to fall asleep. Swing, Pajanimals, YBCR, breastfeeding. Finally at 9:30 he was topped off enough to fall asleep.

Fortunately for me, we were upstairs in his room at the time, so it was a quick transition to the crib, and I was outta there!

Little M is getting to be a VERY active baby during the day. He likes to be entertained, but is also pretty good at entertaining himself. He does not care for the breaks in play to change his diaper. What he does not realize is that by making them impossible to accomplish, he's only taking time away from his playtime. And frazzling Mommy and Daddy's nerves as the Diaper Changing event went up about 5 degrees of difficulty.

* crowd cheering as announcer comes over the PA*
Now up for Team M&D, Dad! He's going to have to really be quick about it this time, as the addition of a tippy-toe to top-of-head backbend has been added to the event. And they still have the penalty of having to put the steroid cream around the penis, so lets see how they handle this attempt...

Dad goes in, he's got one tab of the old diaper off, now he's going for the other. It looks like he has the diaper disconnected, but wait! It's a POOPY one! Dad will have to use extra wipes here! He goes in with one wipe, and the wiggling begins, the wipe comes out clean. Dad goes back in, he tries, no, he misses, and he tries again. Well, we're going to go to commercial and we'll catch up with Dad when we get back.

* Singing hot dogs - "Let's all go to the lobby, let's all go to the lobby..." *

And we're back! Dad has cleaned up the bottom, and is ready for the cream. Little M is not giving anything up easy today, folks. He's twisting that bottom to the left, now the right, now he's clenching those thighs together, there's no way Dad can get in there, but wait, Dad grabs one leg and gets the cream on. Just the diaper left, but here's where the terrific gymnastic skills of baby Little M come into play.

Here's the bottom lift, and he's going for it, and he's up! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have only head and toes actually ON the changing table, everything else is in the air, so Dad heroically lifts the back of the diaper and goes right with the velcro tab. He connects with the right front of the diaper, he's halfway there! Here he goes for side number two as Little M decides to increase the challenge, by rocking from lying down to the backbend position while Dad tries to find that last velcro tab.

OK, we're still waiting on that last tab, but it was SO close that last time. Wait! I think he's done it! Dad has positioned the last velcro tab and Little M is in a clean new diaper! That he's now peed in. What a champion he is, that Little M.

Dad had the most challenging diaper change yet, but this announcer has a feeling that Little M has only just begun!

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