Friday, July 31, 2009

Little M's first illness

So far we've managed to avoid all but the dreaded Thrush as far as illness, but we finally have been beaten.

Little M and I have both come down with whatever virus is running around, so he's coughing a little, sneezing a lot, and when he wakes up at night (which is much more frequent now) there's oozing stuff coming out of his nose. Very pleasant.

And he does not care for the nasal bulb to clear out his nose, in fact, that's the quickest way to wake him up COMPLETELY from a deep sleep. Never mind the fact that he can actually breathe out of both nostrils when we're done, he just doesn't want that plastic thing that mommy won't let him chew on in his nose.

I am thankful that he's still eating just fine, but he's sort of off the breastmilk during the day. He makes up for it at night, but that means Mommy is up all night with him. And I've been feeling just as terrible.

But taking care of baby comes before taking care of Mommy. And sometimes taking care of Mommy falls by the wayside. But Mommy doesn't run very well on empty, so I'm trying to remember to eat and get lots of water to flush out whatever this is.

It was just feeling tired and feverish, but I woke up with a sore throat too, so I'm trying not to kiss Little M, and I don't have the sneezing he has, but since he hasn't learned to cover his nose when he coughs or sneezes, it's only a matter of time. At least he gets some good napping in, his daytime naps have been at least an hour long for the past three days. Sometimes 2 hours, which amazes me.

I just wish I could make him well again so he could get on with being a little boy.

Sorry this one was dry and boring, but you know I'll make it up to ya when we're back to being well.

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