Monday, July 6, 2009

No afternoon nap today, does not bode well for bedtime...

For all our attempts, Big M and I could not get Little M to take a nap after lunch! Big M was home today for the holiday, he normally has Fridays off, so today was his "Holiday".

Little M was rubbing the eyes, he was cranky, and I kept trying to get him to drink enough milk that he'd drop off, but no such luck. He'd settle down in the swing and watch YBCR or Pajanimals, but no dosing. He had a pretty good nap this morning, so I hope that today it's enough.

We've been trying to have him practice standing and crawling in the hopes that it will tire him out and he'll sleep well at night, but we had an incident on Saturday that seems to have thrown us off for the past few days.

After he had his dinner, I gave Little M his medicine for the infection we've both been fighting, and I believe I hit his uvula when I did it. He started gagging, and threw up all down his bib. Fortunately it was one of the oilcloth bibs with a pocket, so none got on him. Unfortunately I removed it prematurely, so the second wave went all down his right side and all over the high chair. Poor baby had an empty stomach at that point.

So we tried the bedtime routine, and brought him downstairs once we were ready for bed, and I gave him more cereal to put something solid in his tummy. He went to bed at 9 that night. And this is a child who is usually asleep by 7:15. The past two nights I've had to bring him down to the swing and it's taken till 8 for him to drop off. And the grumpiness during the day started about then too, so I know he's just not getting enough sleep.

We'll just have to try to get back on schedule, that's all. Hopefully it won't be too painful for us, but we'll see. If you've hung in there for this long boring diatribe, I thank you, and promise more humor (or at least less boredom) next time!

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